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21 November 2023y. Tuesday
Second day of Advent
PRESENTATION of the Holy Mother of God to the Temple

id406Throughout history man has manifested his worship through sacrifice, culmination of which was the self sacrifice of Christ – His Crucifixion for salvation of mankind.
Christ established the mystery of Holy Communion during Last Supper, when He offered His Body and Blood to his disciples. This act became the foundation of Christian worship, the centrepiece of which is Divine Liturgy.
In the early days of Christianity Liturgy was conducted by Apostles themselves at Agapes or devotional congregations, during which they (and later their ordainees) administered Christ’s body and blood to the faithful, professing God’s divine economy in His Death and Resurrection through prayers and praise.
This tradition gradually developed, expanded and turned into formal ritual now known as Divine Liturgy, in which, through words, forms and actions the landmark events of Christ’s saving mysteries are re-enacted.
Thus faithful participants, similar to ‘those who are invited’, mysteriously partake in all that Christ accomplished on earth and still accomplishes in Heaven.
Through this service the faithful receive Christ’s redeeming grace and by receiving Holy Communion they sample the delights of the coming age. Also through Liturgy the Church, together with all faithful present, becomes heaven on earth and paradise, with immortal fruits of the tree of life.
Liturgy is carried out by the priest, with deacons and chanting dpirs (acolytes). Deacon is priest’s attendant while dpirs represent the faithful.