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Concise Encyclopedia of Armenian Christian Culture (second release)

(DVD, in Armenian and Russian)

Current digital release is based on “Children’s Encyclopedia of Armenian Christianity”, Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, 2001 (English); Areg Publishers, 1998 (Armenian). This disc is a concise introduction to the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Armenian Church.

Many articles have been reviewed per our readers’ recommendations. Some articles have been extended and supplemented, new ones have been added. The new title was necessitated by extensive review of content.

First release was in Armenian only, the current release includes Russian. Both language versions can be browsed simultaneously.

This release includes supplemental material, sections from the Holy Book (publications by St. Etchmiatsin and Armenian Bible Association, 1999), pages from history and works of Church fathers. This version introduces The Book of Hours of the Armenian Church (in Armenian version only), images, maps (mainly by Babken Harutunian – Atlas of Armenian History, Yerevan 2004) as well as media files, panoramic images, interactive pages and Bible and Church history timelines.

Scripture, Church Worship, Spiritual Art sections have been added with content organized by subject. This release also introduces a Calendar section, which presents liturgical names of each day with daily Scripture readings and other related material, as well as Liturgy of the Hours (in Armenian only).